A Complete Approach, because Now is the Time...

Your market has changed. Readers have changed. The world has changed.

You're heading in that direction, but the path isn't as clear as it used to be.

How do you find the resources and skills to get you moving in the right direction?

1up! has a new partner that will help chart your course in ways you will immediately benefit from and can sustain:

The Timmons Group: Having been on both the news and revenue sides, our new partner has been very successful in dailies, corporate offices and now with the ownership of a newspaper group. And we're working with them on a new model that we think can pay big benefits to both your publication and online efforts moving forward. Rather than come to town, like a hired gun who creates revenue that you can't sustain, The Timmons Group will spend time training your sales staff and your sales management team. He'll give you an honest assessment of your staff so that you will know if you need to look for replacements, do more training or simply count your lucky stars that you have good ones.

After the training, a team member will help your staff run a presentation for your advertisers designed to create immediate revenue for you. They'll also go out on a number of pre-scheduled, four-legged calls, if need be, to either close some stragglers or help you and your sales staff get over hurdles.

Best of all, it won't cost you an arm and a leg up front.

You see, they've been in your shoes. They've brought in the internet sales teams and found the same problems you likely have. Your reps resent the visiting sales reps because they feel like they are losing commissions and sales. Consequently, the reps don't buy in and the results are impacted before the campaign even begins. Or the visiting reps are the “experts,” so they make the sales. But once internet sales teams leave those sales disintegrate, and because the staff really hasn't bought-in, they don't step in to save them. Or, and this is the biggest, you have to pay such a high rate to the internet sales hit teams – and then more to your staff to keep them happy – that the whole thing ends up being very little gain.

The Timmons Group has experienced all that and more. And they've come up with something much better.

So, The Timmons Group and 1up! have created a plan where you won't pay anything except a percentage on the growth (year-over-year) that's created by both his training and his presentations. If he doesn't create growth, the only thing that you'll spend is the travel expenses...but you'll have all the reviews, critiques, training and materials the team has developed and provided while on-site.

Give 1up! a call at (765) 452-3936 or email us to set up a conference call, so we can discuss in more detail how to get started in your market.

You really can't lose.