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News!Site 6.0

Starting with a new content management system can be daunting.

The vendor's staff, their infrastructure, the software's features...the details seem endless.

But they won't be with 1up!'s help and the News!Site 6.0 content management system.

1up! is one of the most experienced providers of content management systems to community publications in the country, with customers from Hamilton, Bermuda...throughout the US...and all the way to Sydney, Australia. Born from a newspaper group, 1up! has been providing publications with online publishing software, ecommerce, email newsletters and many other solutions for more than 15 years.

Below is a list of solutions offered by 1up!. Under each category there is a set of drop down items with further details. These are all the things you'll need for a successful online effort and more. After your review give the 1up! Sales call or drop him an email to get started!


Site-wide Management
Revenue Streams
Cost Management
Content Management
Additional Content Outlets
Technical Details
Terrific Extras
News!Site 6.0 Website Examples
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Site-wide Management

Every piece of the puzzle needs definition and control. News!Site 6.0 provides your site administrator hundreds of controls throughout the software. Features that define how the software works, looks and what items are on/off.


• Drop-in navigation menus where needed in design
• Control the functionality on each navigation menu placement
• Redirect to other pages/sites – including to third-parties, if required
• Subsections become available to the email newsletter
• Automatically added to statistics engine
• Set up using any module/content type required, and mix/match as needed


• Manage all users: public & intranet
• Restrict/tailor access
• Configure each user's role
• Email newsletters controls
• Paywall settings manageable by site admin • Export capabilities to use elsewhere

 Layout & Design

• Layout!Manager for website, mobile site, ENL, landing pages
• Auto launch the saved designs
• Drag & drop interface
• Design unique layouts for your site
• Configure individual module instances
• Hundreds of controls to adjust the site's design & functionality
• Turn site features & modules on/off as needed
• Easy change of site-wide design attributes
• Tweak features with CSS


• Point & click loading, or type in content
• Inter-content relating
• User commenting system
• Trusted-user submission process
• Searchable intranet content management grids
• Journalist (reporters & photographers) Roster
• Content cross relating
• Auto indexed into search engine


• Place ad groups wherever they are needed
• Add groups, control count & functionality
• Can use third-party scripts, such as Google's DFP
• Define the number of ads per location, in rotation
• Google Analytics statistics
• Display ads, coupons, Ask an Expert
• Revenue Forecaster
• Ads in email newsletter, mobile site, and in the app
• Point & click management • Advertiser's Roster


• Provided parser to batch upload
• XML, HTML & text compatible
• Ad-taking engine connected to ecommerce
• Ad-taking engine auto resizes photos
• Export for use in print
• Attach photos
• Admin your own categories and subcategories
• Format: as needed or via upload


• Mobile website
• Heads!Up Mobile Application w/ notifications
• Delays & Closings
• Social sharing
• Social media script inclusion
• RSS: incoming & outgoing
• Commenting engine: in-site (w/ word filter & moderation) or Facebook's
• Submission forms: links, events, articles (trusted-user capabilities)
• Form!Builder: for lifestyle content, user feedback, content submission
• Classified Items Wanted notifier: draws traffic back to site, user initiated
• Search: editorial content, classifieds, by subsection of site, by content type
• Reader polls: built-in or third-party scripts
• Electronic newsletters: draws traffic back to site, user initiated
• CDN (like Youtube.Com) compatible for the easy inclusion of readers' content

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Revenue Streams

The reason for your website, and all the ancillary content outlets, is to drive more business to your bottom line.

1up! provides an incredible number of options, tools, tips...and most at no additional cost.

 On-Site Sales (sales teams)

• Four-legged sales calling
• Community Presentation
• Staff evaluation & training
• Workflow & technical processes evaluation & training
• Assistance with marketing materials
• They only succeed if you do...


• Multiple applications
  • Subscriptions (paywalls): print, website
  • Classifieds: ad-taking engine
  • Photos: select many, buy from basket
  • Other: swag, books
• Tier 1 support provided
• PCI certified
• Built-in fraud protection
• Apply design points from your website
• Low transaction costs for major credit cards
• Customer transaction refunds available upon request

...and now embedded inside your 6.0 website!

 Ad Groups

• Place them where you need them
• Define your own ad counts
• Statistics to track effectiveness...1up!'s or Google Analytics
• IAB compatible, or do your own thing
• Drop in third-party tools, like Google DFP
• Revenue Forecaster


• Batch upload: manually or automated harvest
• Control your categories & subcats
• Ad-taking engine: charge online, call back or give away
• Items Wanted notifier
• HTML, DHTML, XML or plain text compatible
• Display on homepage, ticker, landing page (and coming soon...in 1up!'s new app!)

 Display Ads

• Batch upload for easy processing
• Stand alone sections & subsections
• PDFs auto processed to JPEGs for quick downloads
• PSDFs can be linked from JPEGs
• Text auto extracted, placed in search engine to make ads searchable
• Great to bundle with print sales

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Cost Management


No set-up fees for:
  • Websites (desktop & mobile)
  • App1
  • Modules
  • RSS feeds
  • E-commerce
  • Classified parser
  • Classified ad-taking engine
  • Basic email
No additional cost for:
  • Mobile site
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Module use
  • Accounts/users
  • RSS feeds
  • Email
  • Free third-party editorial content
Technical Items:
  • No bandwidth charges
  • No storage fees
  • Free DNS hosting and domain management
  • Free Google Analytics statistics integration

 Workflow Efficiencies

• Harvests1
• Classified batch upload parser eliminates keyboarding
• Classified ad-taking module sell during off hours
• Byline Roster: load names once, quickly apply to multiple content types
• Advertiser Roster: load client names once, run reports against to calculate revenue


• Free consulting: technical, design, site set-up
• Free technical support
• Free training & webinars
• Resources reference site


• Connectivity: redundantly provided
• Dual uptime monitoring applications
• Bot monitoring & filtering
• On-site & on-call staff
• Security firewalls
• Temperature: redundantly provided
• Power: redundantly provided
• On-site security: staff & systems
• Fraud protection for ecommerce transactions

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Content Management

The software provides flexibility, speed and control over all your content types.

With little training, your staff will jump right in.


• Headlines, subheads and eyebrows
• Make subsection feature story
• Byline Roster with mugshots, email addresses
• As many photos as you'd like
• Auto generate photo thumbnails for brief's page
• Relate: video galleries, photo galleries, audio galleries, etc.
• Set up reciprocal links between articles with one click
• Layout choices per article
• Breaking News Module: one click assignment, control attributes
• WYSIWYG editors for briefs and main story
• Post/Pre date, check to show with article
• Assign to subsections, app & email newsletters
• Sidebars, Corrections, Pull quotes
• Social sharing
• Check box assignment into subsections, breaking news & rotator modules, Heads!Up Mobile App, etc.
• Turn on/off comments engine per article
• Set security level per article
• Order briefs: auto or manually
• Set admin form defaults in Appearance Manager

 Email Newsletter

• Apply your design
• Scheduled & Breaking News
• Users sign up; export the lists
• Easy to add content
• Easily monetized


• Video, audio, slide shows
• Topic-based into subsections/sections
• Related to articles
• Comments engines
• Use popular third-party tools (like Pod-O-Matic for audio) and CDNs (for photos & videos)
• Cross post to different directories/galleries


• Feature photo
• Photo rotator
• Article photos...as many as you want
• Mobile website display
• Batch upload
• Cross post in site
• Link Features to independent URLs


• Topic-based
• Export for print capabilities
• Moderated user submission form
• Graphic icon attachment

 Third-party Compatibility

If you'd like to drop in a third-party tool, News!Site 6.0 is ready to go!
• Google: Analytics, Maps, Ads, Surveys
• Pod-O-Matic script inclusion
• Games: Suduku, cross word
• ARAContent: 20+ free categories
• Weather: forecasts, maps
• Off-site RSS feed inclusion


• Topic-based categorization into subsections/sections
• User submissions
• Add graphics
• Keywords
• Cross post into different site areas

 Batch Upload/Download

• Harvest process enables full automation
• Batch upload of photos, display ads
• Classified liners & their images
• User lists

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Additional Content Outlets

In addition to a traditional website, 1up! offers a number of other outlets for your content.

RSS, Email Newsletters, SEO and social media sharing are all built-in and most have no additional costs to utilize.

 Heads!Up Mobile Application1

• Breaking news articles & briefs
• Photos with articles
• Email submission from app
• Multi-site (if applicable)
• Push notifications
• Contact form with photo/video upload capabilities • Rotating banners through the site's ad engine
• Doesn't override site's security
• Streamlined workflow

...and soon classifieds, Facebook & local weather links!

 Email Newsletter

• Topic-based
• Scheduled/breaking
• Individually designed
• Revenue-driven
• Doesn't override site security
• As many as you'd like
• Users sign up

 Social Media

• Sharing from site content
• Comment engines embedded
• Streaming feeds embedded


• 1up! technology, not a third-party
• Load PDFs for auto processing
• Smart device compatible
• Automatically indexed & searchable
• Can create hyperlinks of URLs
• Free-standing site or embedded in existing site


• 1up! technology, not a third-party
• Load PDFs for automated processing
• Multiple resolution options
• Smart device compatible
• Auto indexed & Searchable
• Interstitial (timed) and banner ads
• Control resolution of displayed pages


• Auto-built site & news maps
• Clean URLs w/ section, subsection IDs
• Metatag & description controls
• Directed indexing
• Search engine friendly menus
• Search engine friendly article formatting
• Response caching (304)
• Geolocation site tag
• Alt tags on images


• Automatically built in site
• Import from third-party sites
• Latest standards
• Use to cross share content

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Technical Details

Every website must be backed by state-of-the-art hardware and infrastructure.

And without a doubt, 1up! is built using the best tools and partners to provide your publication with a robust and dependable profit engine.


• Highly redundant network center facilities
• Top level security capabilities
• High performance servers
• Nightly backups
• Industry-standard software tools
• Remote administration, on-site staffing
• Real-time bot monitoring/filtering

 Technology Partners

• Expedient: network center, engineering staff
• Pricewaterhouse Coopers: security consulting, auditing
• Amazon: cloud capabilities
• Dell: High performance servers
• Microsoft: operating systems, software tools
• Connectivity: Expedient, AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner, Brighthouse...and more!

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Terrific Extras

The software and services that 1up! provides are not a "one size fits all" solution.

Each website may start at a common spot, but as the website's staff becomes more experienced the site starts to build a character of its own. Through the use of the site's tools there is an almost infinite list of possibilities at the finger tips of your staff.

That said, the software can't include everything, and that is why 1up! is here as your partner. With your help, 1up! can add custom details to better your site's operation and your users' experience. And ask us about our options for incredibly aggressive pricing for custom features.

Below is a short list of possible enhancements. So, if you have something in mind as you start your new 1up! website, chat with our sales team and he will help you detail out your idea.


• Automated content posting into your site.
The ROI is really strong!
• Can be implemented for articles, classifieds, events.
• Content is accessibile in the intranet for editing.
• Schedules for once or multiple times per day.


• News!Site is customizable
• Discounts are available for your 1up!-built ideas
• Add third-party tools to customize your site...many quite easily & cost-free

News!Site 6.0 Website Examples:
Community Newspaper Sites

Decorah Newspapers (Decorah, IA)

Des Moines Business Record (Des Moines, IA)

Highland County Press (Hillsboro, OH)

Hope Star Journal Online (Hope, IN)

Madison County Record (Huntsville, AR)

La Conner Weekly News (La Conner, WA)

Lincolnton Herald (Lincolnton, NC)

Lakeland Times (Minocqua, WI)

Northwest Observer (Oak Ridge, NC)

Other Media Sites

Queensland Fire & Emergency Service (Brisbane, AUS)

Hoosier State Press Association (Indianapolis, IN)

Howey Politics (Indianapolis, IN)

Indiana Economic Digest (Indianapolis, IN)

THRU1 (Kokomo, IN)

The Deadline Network (Sydney, AUS)

• Feel free to ask for details and timelines from your 1up! contact. Woot!
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