Getting on board with the
Surveys Revenue Program

1up! is pleased to announce a new revenue program for your site.

Partnering with Google, 1up! has developed a program which pays publications when a website visitor answers a market survey question or two. The survey questions are a form of micro payment that a website visitor must pay in order to read a full article.

In most cases, article readership is high enough to offset the licensing costs for your site. In many cases, readership is high enough to add a nice monthly revenue stream.

Key Points to Stress to Readers
Example Articles Announcing Surveys
Privacy Policy Details
Managing Cookies in Your Browser
Frequently Asked Questions

Survey example from live site (click to visit site).
Scroll down to review details for the 1up! survey revenue program.

As part of the process to implement surveys into your site, you need to complete a few simple tasks:

  1. If you do not already have a privacy statement on your site now is a great time to implement one. At the very least, it must state how your site uses cookies and how end users can manage them in their browsers. SEE NOTE BELOW.

  2. Announce to readers the coming change to the site and why you are adding the technology.

  3. Announce the launch date (work with 1up! to confirm this date first).
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Key Points to Stress in Your Announcement

Your announcement is critical to both inform readers of the change in how they read your site and in marketing its advantages.

  • Surveys are a great way to offset subscription fees
  • No reader is being forced to answer questions
  • Only articles will have surveys
  • Surveys are quick to answer
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Privacy Policy Details

As part of the survey implementation each publication is required to have a privacy statement explaining: 1) that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on End Users' browsers, or using web beacons or similar technologies to collect information in the course of surveys being served on the Sites, 2) and to explain how site visitors may manage the cookies technology in their preferred web browser.

Here are some examples of privacy statements:

Note from 1up! about Privacy Policy statements:

1up! can't provide a prepared privacy policy statement for your site. You should work to develop your policy and then confer with your company's legal representation to ensure you have a policy that protects both your publication and fully informs your site's readers.

In some states, your press association may be able to help you develop your website's privacy policy.

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Managing Cookies in Your Browser

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Frequently Asked Questions by Participating Publishers

How do I sign up for the survey revenue sharing program?

  1. Contact 1up!

  2. Sign the 1up! and Google addendums

  3. Work with 1up! to decide on a launch date
How does the survey work?
1up! registers your website with our survey company partner, installs the software in your site, tests everything and launches the questions (on the agreed date).

Each reader who clicks on a headline to read a full story is presented with the headline and first few paragraphs of the story. The full story may only be read if a reader answers one or two survey questions.

Once the question(s) are answered then the full story automatically appears to the reader.

Readers outside the United States, Canada, England and Australia are shown the full story without having to answer any questions. Why? Because the surveys only service companies based in these four countries at this time.

How long does it take to get started?
Generally, 7-14 days.

1up! is working to shorten this cycle, but to take advantage of this time you should develop and publish your survey announcement story (in both your newspaper and on your website) and develop and post onto your website privacy statement.

Where do the surveys display?
The surveys display on all articles, after the first paragraph or two.
Can I choose what articles display surveys?
Will the surveys display on mobile devices?
The surveys will display on mobile browsers on iPads.
Can I add my own questions to the surveys?
The questions are provided, but you may contact 1up! about how to become a survey question customer.
How do I (the site owner) respond to readers who don't like the questions?
Let readers know that you're trying to find creative ways to avoid having to charge them directly for subscriptions. The surveys provide a soft paywall, where all a reader has to do is answer the question - which is the "fee" - to gain access to the full content of the site's stories.
When am I paid? How?
After the completion of each month, the survey company needs several weeks to reconcile their numbers. 1up! is paid 4-10 days after that and expects to write/send checks to each participating newspaper within 4-10 days. Payments will be via ACH to your account. Please note the survey company will not distribute any earnings until the publication's balance is over $10.00.
Why might a particular month's payments be low, or lower that previous month's payments?
Google has a wide variety of variables governing the placement of survey questions in your site. They do not guarantee they will have questions every day and on every story in your website. This affects how you're paid. Variables affecting story placement include:
  • your updating frequency
  • types of stories you post
  • geographic location
What if a reader has a problem with the technology and can't read a story?
Let readers know they should update their web browsers, and should always be running the newest versions. If this doesn't resolve the issue then have them restart their computer and try again.
What do I (the site owner) need to do to ensure the survey technology is running in my site?

1up! will ensure the survey technology is up-to-date and running properly in your site. If you see a problem, please report any issues immediately to 1up!.

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