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Keep them coming back

Your readers expect the content on your website to change constantly.

It may sound like a daunting task, but it's actually easier than it seems. When your staff writes an article, takes a photograph or captures video, simply enter that content in your website, click "update" and there it is!

Give your readers the news as it happens:
  • Last year's Homecoming Queen, now away at college, wants to see who's wearing this year's crown
  • Snowbirds want to see the Obits while there's still time to send flowers
  • Your local Man of the Year wants to share his accomplishment with his business and social networks
  • Scoop the nearest TV station, located 40 miles away, with video of your county courthouse burning down
Set your sections to allow RSS or use the Electronic Newsletter, and your readers around the globe will automatically get the current news from your publication.

Short on staff? We have third-party partners that offer free, regularly updated content that will draw readers and advertisers to your website.

The power of the Internet is its ability to continually refresh. Capture that power to keep your publication alive.

It's easy to make a smart decision

Have you considered all that's involved in building and maintaing a website?

"What type of content do I put on my website?"
"What computer skills do I need? What about training for me and my staff?"
"Can't I do it cheaper myself?"
"What kind of hardware, bandwidth, and software do I need?"
"How much will it cost? How long does it take?"
"What if my tech guy leaves the company or goes on vacation?"
"Am I going to make money with a website?"

All great questions! Fortunately, 1up! has the answers!

Can I Do It Cheaper Myself?

It's a big question, and one that is particularly relevant right now.

As a publisher, you're presented with a lot of options. The core of the question is, "how hard will it be and would I save money if I built my own Web site?"

We've been on both sides of that question.  1up! was borne from the ideas of a newspaper group struggling with the prospect of "going online" back in the mid-1990s.

From that experience and the experience we've had with hundreds of publishers over the past thirteen years, our answer is, "No."  You cannot do it less expensively in-house versus using a vendor like 1up!.

Read on to compare the full breadth of your options.

Your Site's Look...How to Start
With so much versatility in the software, it's sometimes hard to decide where to start!  The nice thing about 1up! is that you have a variety of great choices.

Option 1:

You can start with one of 4 design footprints for your Web site (click here to see footprint designs).   It's okay to mix and match the elements in these footprints to a get the look you want.  Colors, fonts, site logo, homepage layout...and about 694 other things 
(literally!) can be changed by you in the software's Appearance Manager.  Using these footprints will get you online more quickly than the other options listed on this page.

Option 2:

Design your own mockup for your homepage using a program like Photoshop.  Make a PDF of your design, send it to us, then we'll review it and provide feedback.  Many of the designs you'll see in our Showcase were developed by the talented folks on staff at our customers' publications.

Customized designs generally take from 45 to 90 days to develop and bring online.  The more complex your design, the longer it takes.  We provide a number of programming hours to get you started, so your customized 1up! site can be more cost-effective than some other solutions out there.

Option 3:

Design your own mockup and request custom features.  1up! can develop custom layouts and functionality to uniquely address your online vision.

We've worked extensively with our customers over the past decade to develop custom sites and new features.  In many cases, we provide the custom work at no cost when these elements can be rolled into the core News!Site CMS. 

In conclusion...

Simple or complex...out of the box or customized...1up! offers a gamut of options to bring your publication online!


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