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It's easy to make a smart decision

Have you considered all that's involved in building and maintaing a website?

"What type of content do I put on my website?"
"What computer skills do I need? What about training for me and my staff?"
"Can't I do it cheaper myself?"
"What kind of hardware, bandwidth, and software do I need?"
"How much will it cost? How long does it take?"
"What if my tech guy leaves the company or goes on vacation?"
"Am I going to make money with a website?"

All great questions! Fortunately, 1up! has the answers!

Our goal is simple. We provide affordable and comprehensive software tools, designed with you in mind to help you create an attractive and profitable website for your business:
  • Easy to use software that doesn't require special skills.  Point, click, cut, paste.  Call us for a demo and you'll see for yourself!
  • Production services through 72dpi, including E!Editions, print and web ads, Flash ads, content entry and site management
  • Sales assistance through our partner, Rev1up!
  • Unique site design with minimal effort and cost. No tech staff required!
  • Free training and tech support whenever you need it
  • All the revenue tools you need are included with the software and we don't require revenue-sharing.  You make it, you keep it
  • Keep your costs under control. The software and services have a flat monthly fee
  • Monitor and track your site's revenue through built-in management tools
With 1up!, you get full use of the software's features and functions for one low monthly license fee.  We also include training, technical support, bandwidth, storage space, Free!Mail, initial design application, archive integration, search engine optimization tools including automated Google site maps, bot filtering to keep your stats true, an FTP directory for site enhancement, available built-in third party content, built-in ecommerce...and more!

Yes, you really do need a website. You need one that provides the features your readers and advertisers expect, a site that is reliable and supported by a team of technical experts who are here when you need us.

1up! Software...expect more from your website.


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