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Can I Do It Cheaper Myself?

It's a big question, and one that is particularly relevant right now.

As a publisher, you're presented with a lot of options. The core of the question is, "how hard will it be and will I save money by building my own Web site?"

We've been on both sides of that question.  1up! was borne from the ideas of a newspaper group struggling with the prospect of "going online" back in the mid-1990s.

From that experience and the experience we've had with hundreds of publishers over the past thirteen years, our answer is, "No."  You cannot do it less expensively in-house versus using a vendor like 1up!.

Compare the chart below to weigh the full breadth of your options:

1up!'s News!Site Software Homegrown Software
•Your new site launches in a few weeks
•How long would it take to build with your staff?
•We provide the technical support
•Does your staff have time to support the site and still do their current duties?
•Free ongoing technical support and training •What happens when your tech person goes on vacation?
•Already built and in use by hundreds of publications •Built from scratch, not proven or tested.
•State-of-the-art infrastructure in place
•Need to research and purchase connectivity, servers, software, tools.
•Using leading-edge development tools
•How much will appropriate software tools cost?
•Costs are affordable and predictable
•How will you control costs as the site grows?
•As little as $7/day for the software package
•With staff, technology and power, what will your daily cost be?
•Design and features influenced by many publications' needs •Do you have the experience to design your site features?
•Easy to use and full training gets users going quickly •Will your least experienced employees be able to use the software?
•Over a decade of experience supporting sites & users •Who will support your users' needs?
•Ample bandwidth included to handle your site's peak usage
•As your site grows how much will bandwidth cost?
•Monitored 24/7 by software and staff; redundant power
•What happens when your site goes down?
•Nightly backup into real-time servers; terabytes of capacity
•What happens if your server dies? your building burns? your files are lost?
•Established company since 1998
•What if your Web person leaves? Who supports the code?
•Innovative and experienced team of programmers
•Does your staff have expertise in all areas to build popular features?
•Revenue partnerships in place based on customer volume
•Find your own solutions
•Watch out for changing technology, both good and bad
•Staff time best spent on developing content and ads
•Constant research and customer contributions •Staff time spent keeping up with our industry trends, not yours


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