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The Crew That Helps Build Your Future

The process to bring your Web site online with 1up! begins under the guidance and expertise of our Launch & Training department.  With your ideas and mockup in hand, they provide advice and training and act as your liaison to our technical staff.

Our Launch Coordinators know what it takes to get the job done, from mockup to live site, and will help you every step of the way.  They literally have done this hundreds of times with hundreds of publications!

Launching your site generally takes 30 to 90 days, depending on the complexity of your site design.  If you have custom design elements, your Launch Coordinator will work with you to quantify any impact on the launch timeline.  On average, Web sites launch in 45 days.  

With News!Site 5.5, we've built in more of what our customers have been asking for to keep customizations and costs to a minimum.  This also speeds the production time on your site.

Once your site is live on the Internet, the capable team in our Technical Support department takes over your day to day questions.  But if you ever want follow-up training on the software or you want your new hires to learn how the software works, the Launch & Training department will do that for you.  They even offer regular refresher courses via webinar to 1up! users.  All these services are free to you.

Free training and education and dedicated teams in place to help you understand the 1up! software products and services are just some of the ways we help you build a successful online effort.


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