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ANNOUNCEMENT: Article Management Form 2.0

Loading news articles is the backbone of your website workflow, and you spend tons of time managing your those articles.

How'd you like to spend less time doing it?

How'd you like to spend less time shackled to your desk when you do it?

How'd you like to not even type those articles in?

1up! is rolling out our newly enhanced article management at the end of June (you can request a specific rollover date - just ask your trainer).

The new management process is faster, more streamlined and you can take advantage of some of your smart device features, like dictation. There are also some great new features to make your life easier.

Training webinars start June 15. Click this link to request a session with our trainers. The new process will feel like an evolution rather than a revolution. A nice step up...

During the training sessions you will also learn about one, substantial new feature: Quick!Galleries. The new Quick!Galleries allow you to build a new photo gallery from the article management form and link the article and the photos together automatically. Think about coving some large event - like a big sporting event or breaking news event - and loading the story and photos from one page in your site's intranet. Talk about a time saver!

The Resources website, available from the link in your site's management intranet, has all the documentation you should need...we'd suggest taking a peek at it before your training session. NOTE: You must have a user account for your site or through 1up!.

Then, once everyone is settled in, 1up! will start launching additional, newly enhanced management forms into your site: ads, stats, user management, links, photos, videos, and so on...

Thank you for your continued support!


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