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Use Payment!Wizard for Ecommerce

1up! has created an electronic commerce system to process credit cards for our customers' Web sites.

Payment!Wizard handles secure electronic credit card payments for print subscriptions, classifieds, archive reprints, online subscriptions and other paid services. Because the ecommerce security is built into the News!Site software, it’s tightly controlled by 1up!. So if you want to sell Web site subscriptions or if you are using our Classified Ad-taking module, 1up! requires that you use Payment!Wizard.

How It Works
  • Payment!Wizard acts as a secure clearinghouse for online credit card processing, and accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • The Payment!Wizard transaction form can be branded with your logo, address, links and color scheme.
  • FirstData, Inc. is the gateway and processor of credit card transactions for 1up!.
  • When readers submit their card information during a purchase, they are entirely within the secure Payment!Wizard system.
  • Once the payment is processed, a record is indexed into a daily report exclusive to each Payment!Wizard customer.
  • Receipts are sent via email to both you and your reader.
  • During the first week of each month, 1up! will send you a detailed report of all transactions on your account, and issue you a check, less applicable fees, for all transactions incurred.
So How Much?
There are no setup fees for Payment!Wizard.
  • Per transaction fee: 7.5%
    (credit card company fees range from 3.2% to 4.0%, depending on the card type used. These include per-transaction fees, processing fees, service fees, discount fees and linkgate fees.  1up!’s margin is the remaining percentage.)
  • Reporting fee: $5 per month
    (for generation of detailed transaction report and invoicing)
  • Chargebacks: $30 per instance
    (this fee originates from the credit card company and only applies if a customer refutes a charge to their card)
7.5%? What's Up With That?
After the credit card company fees, 1up!'s margin provides:
  • Fraud monitoring and prevention
  • Security services and encryption
  • Programming, including upgrades and research
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Redundant tier 1 bandwidth
  • System monitoring
  • Accounting services
  • Technical support
Sign Up! for Payment!Wizard
To get started with Payment!Wizard, you need to sign an addendum to your license agreement.

To have the addendum emailed to you, or to learn more about other 1up! products and services, please contact us


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