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Enhanced!Mail Improves Your Efficiency

You have two email options from 1up!: Free!Mail or Enhanced!Mail.

Today’s technologies provide a wide selection to end-users...simple or sophisticated. Our email server provides basic services for those who need it, but also provides a number of enhancements:
  • Data protection
  • SPAM filtration
  • Incoming/out-going delivery...and more!
The two systems run in parallel, so you simply have to let 1up! know your preference.

Free!Mail is, well, free, includes 25 accounts, has 5Mb storage per mailbox, allows attachments up to 100Kb, and provides account users with Web access to their mail.

Enhanced!Mail includes 100 accounts, 50Mb storage per mailbox, maximum message size of 7Mb, highly efficient SPAM filtration, incoming/out-going (POP3 & SMTP) delivery, and Web access…all for a nominal monthly fee based on your publication’s circulation.

So How Much?
  • $20/month - circ. of less than 5,000
  • $30/month - circ. 5,000 to 15,000
  • $40/month - circ. 15,000+
Elist (electronic mailing list) function
  • $50/month
About SPAM
  • With Enhanced!Mail, all messages tagged as SPAM are placed in the user's WebMail SPAM folder.
  • SPAM is automatically purged after 7 days.
Sign Up! for Enhanced!Mail
To get started with Enhanced!Mail, you'll need to sign an addendum to your license agreement.

To have the addendum emailed to you, or to learn more about other 1up! products and services, please contact us at


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