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Enhanced!FTP Expands Your Space

Your advertiser needs to send you a large file.

You need to send a huge PDF document to your printer.

From time to time, every publication needs to send or receive big files from its readers, advertisers, and vendors. Doing this through email causes serious drag on our servers and slows down everyone’s access to their messages. 

Each 1up! customer has access to a free 20Mb FTP directory with the standard News!Site software. This directory allows you to build elements for your Web site.  But what do you do with all your commercial print jobs?

Enhanced!FTP allows you to easily manage super-sized files.

How It Works
When you use 1up!'s Enhanced!FTP service, our staff will set up a Master Directory for you, and help you determine if you also need secure Subdirectories within your Master Directory to segregate your competitive clients.

For example, two of your competitive customers, O’Burgers and Burger Den, don't want their rival to be able to see their ads in your Master Directory, so each would have their own secured Subdirectory for their commercial advertising files.

So, in this instance, there is a Master Directory and two Subdirectories. Here is an example of how your Enhanced!FTP directory is set up:
  • Master Directory (the bulk of your stuff), e.g., www.yourname.com/ftp
  • Competitive Customer 1 Subdirectory with user name and password, e.g., www.yourname.com/ftp/oburgers
  • Competitive Customer 2 Subdirectory with user name and password, e.g., www.yourname.com/ftp/burgerden
Your Enhanced!FTP Master Directory and Subdirectories have a combined capacity of 100Mb.

So How Much?
We kept the fees for Enhanced!FTP minimal.
  • $30/month -- Master Directory
  • $15/month -- Each Subdirectory
The total cost for the above example would be $60/month ($30 for the Master Directory and $30 for the Subdirectories).

Sign Up! for Enhanced!FTP
To get started with Enhanced!FTP or to learn more about other 1up! products and services, please contact us at


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