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Enhanced!Upload Increases Your File Size

It used to be so simple...

Your advertisers would send you a 30Kb graphic for their tile ad. You'd easily upload it to through the tile administration console of your News!Site software.

Then along came Flash and animated .GIF, and video ads. Yikes!
You need more capacity. You need Enhanced!Upload.

The News!Site 5.5 software has a 60Kb limit
(older versions may have a 50Kb limit or less) on most uploaded file sizes. This protects all 1up! users from bandwidth hogs, but doesn't necessarily accommodate your advertisers' technologically advanced output - the types of ads that attract readers.

With Enhanced!Upload, you can increase the size files you can upload for:
  • Banners
  • Tiles
  • In-article ads
  • Home page tiles
  • Non-rotating tiles
  • Subsection sponsor
  • Weather sponsor
  • Search sponsor
  • All editorial photographs
So How Much Do You Need?
How big are your biggest files?

Your Enhanced!Upload capacity can be increased by the following amounts to accommodate your largest ads:
  • 100Kb $50/month
  • 200Kb $100/month
  • 300Kb $150/month
Many 1up! customers pass the costs of Enhanced!Upload onto the advertisers who send large files.

Sign Up! for Enhanced!Upload
To get started with Enhanced!Upload, you'll need to sign an addendum to your license agreement.

To have the addendum emailed to you or to learn more about other 1up! products and services, please contact us at


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