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Quick!Sites Offer Easy Online Solutions for Your Customers

Does your advertiser need a Web site?

1up!'s Quick!Sites are an easy-to-use, yet powerful software solution for publications that need a fast way to get their customers online. Based on our News!Site CMS software, the form-based entry system makes Web development as simple as working with a word processor...easy to learn and quick to use.

Each Quick!Site uses the standard News!Site software, with only a few limitations on the software's functionality. Your customers can rapidly create a site to meet their needs...and they can do it without any programming or additional staff training. You can sell Quick!Sites to your customers and let them enjoy the simplicity of Web site management through 1up!.

Available Software Functionality
Quick!Sites have all the capability of your 1up! site, but without the revenue tools:
  • Articles
  • Events
  • Links Directory
  • Reader Polls
  • Photographs and Photo Galleries
  • Guestbook
  • File Gallery
  • Feature Photo
  • Form Builder
  • Google Site Map
  • Media Gallery
  • RSS Feeds
  • Statistics
  • Domain Hosting
  • Site Search Engine
  • Free!Mail
  • Electronic News Letter
  • Video
  • Appearance Manager
  • Sections & Subsections
  • Plus More
Additional features, including Payment!Wizard and Enhanced!Mail, are available.

So How Much?
Quick!Sites are easy and affordable at $50/month per site.
  • No set up fees for the site, domain or email accounts.
  • Standard term is a 12-month agreement.
  • Support is free for the term of your publication's agreement; you handle direct support to your customer.
  • Limited site design capabilities.
  • No training is necessary if your staff is already using News!Site, otherwise training may be required.
  • Upgrade to Enhanced!Mail for only $20/month.
To get started with Quick!Sites, you'll need to sign a license agreement. We just need to know the URL for your new Quick!Site customer.


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