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There's More to Your Success Than Just Software

You've got the software. Now what?

Your online effort requires more than just some program to be successful. You need a knowledgeable team to help you build your site, train your staff and support your website when you have questions or issues.

Plus, you need to send and receive email, provide FTP access for your advertising customers, and supply ecommerce to your readers for their subscriptions and classified ads.

And what about your online profits? Who will come to your market to train your staff, or help you develop sales materials and define what products you'll sell to your advertisers?

There is so much to do! If you tried to pull it all together on your own, it could take months just to discover what's available, much less how to use those products and services to your advantage. The time and costs invested would be substantial.

1up! has you covered with affordable and professional products developed specifically for online publishers.

News!Site 5.5 Provides
  • The latest version of our News!Site CMS software with no set-up fees, no costs for training or technical support, and no revenue-sharing
  • Free!Mail POP3 email service
  • FTP for site building, plus commercial FTP services available through Enhanced!FTP
  • Secure ecommerce for your classified ad-taking, subscriptions or other paid products and services with Payment!Wizard 2.0
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
Also Available
  • Rev1up! online ad sales teams to help you coordinate your local sales effort
  • Enhanced and automated products to improve workflow and efficiency
  • Cost-free third-party content to save staff time and draw readers
  • Full site management and advertising production services through 72dpi
Running a successful website takes the right tools and resources. At 1up!, we don't just hand you a box of software and wish you luck. We work with you continually to help you create an online presence that you, your readers and your advertisers will enjoy.


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