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Hands-Free Content Posting

Use your front-end technology to post content to your Web site and keep your staff free to work on revenue-related and special projects.

Many front-end systems can send content directly to your 1up! Web site through an automated process. Articles, photos, events, classifieds, display ads and nearly any other content type can be sent to your site using Internet protocols set up through Enhanced!Posting.

Even if your publication doesn't have an automated front-end system, it's possible to work with 1up! to develop processes that can improve your existing workflow.

Our goal is to help you squeeze the most efficiency out of your site.

So How Much?
There is a one-time fee for Enhanced!Posting, but the return on your investment is fast. Here's an example:
  • 1 employee posts content for 5 hours each week.
  • That employee is paid $10/hour, so it costs you $50/week.
  • 52 weeks each year at $50/week is $2,600/year in labor expense.
The cost to program Enhanced!Posting for your Web site is $1,000, or if you'd rather spread things out, we charge $100/month for 12 months.

Sign Up! for Enhanced!Posting
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