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Great ROI

We're really excited to see you interested in 1up!'s website solutions and services!

Now you've taken a look through everything else and you're reviewing prices. We like to think our products are a tremendous value, but we understand that you're looking to minimize your expenses and to maximize margins.

We can certainly help with that.

Let's take a look at a conservative plan to be profitable with a website and mobile app (yep! 1up! is now offering a mobile app!). The details below outline both outlets and their revenue streams. The timeframe covers the first month.

Or if you want to cut through everything and jump to the bottom, you can see how things add up quickly!

News!Site ROI details (first month of operation):
Software & features Solution from 1up! Cost

Website (rate based on print circulation)(showcase)News!Site 6.0$195/mo
Mobile websiteincluded$0/mo
User security: roles, levels, bypass, exportincluded$0/mo
Email newsletters: topic-based, ad ready, no cost per userincluded$0/mo
RSS feeds: outgoing & incomingincluded$0/mo
Advertising engine (IAB compliant)included$0/mo
Layout!Manager: drag & drop page designincluded$0/mo
Article management: many options, much flexibilityincluded$0/mo
Classified engine w/ submission, ecomm & notifierincluded$0/mo
Calendar w/ user submission form, tags & exportincluded$0/mo
Feedback forms (admin configurable)included$0/mo
Print display ad engine: convert to JPEG, indexedincluded$0/mo
Breaking News moduleincluded$0/mo
Delays & Closings moduleincluded$0/mo
Photos: feature, article, mobileincluded$0/mo
Photo galleriesincluded$0/mo
Video galleriesincluded$0/mo
File galleries: w/ non FTP uploadincluded$0/mo
Comment engine: 1up!'s or Facebook'sincluded$0/mo
Reader polls w/ results exportincluded$0/mo
Social media integration for content sharingincluded$0/mo
Appearance Manager: settings to control options & functionalityincluded$0/mo
SEO tools: auto site map, friendly URLs, etc.included$0/mo
Site search engine (site auto indexed)included$0/mo
Revenue forecasterincluded$0/mo
Rosters (ad reps, editorial staff)included$0/mo
...and yes, all the other News!Site 6.0 modules, too!included$0/mo
Set up for the siteincluded$0/mo
Set up for the modulesincluded$0/mo
Set up for the classified ad-takingincluded$0/mo
Set up for the classifieds parser (pending file format approval)included$0/mo
Set up for the display adsincluded$0/mo
Set up for the paywallincluded$0/mo
Set up for the ecommerce1included$0/mo
Import archives (pending file format approval)included$0/mo
Import subscriber lists (pending file format approval)included$0/mo
Training (webinar-based)included$0/mo
Technical Support (phone, email)included$0/mo
Ecommerce Technical Support Assistanceincluded$0/mo
Unlimited Bandwidth2included$0/mo
Unlimited Storage of all site contentincluded$0/mo
Unlimited usersincluded$0/mo
Unlimited uploads3included$0/mo
Site, ecommerce & database securityincluded$0/mo
Batch uploads (classifieds, photos, display ads)included$0/mo
Third-party content (ARA)included$0/mo
Basic email4included$0/mo
Google Analytics integrationincluded$0/mo
Disability access (WCAG certified)included$0/mo
Nightly backupsincluded$0/mo
On-call supportincluded$0/mo
Bot monitoringincluded$0/mo
Uptime monitoringincluded$0/mo
Physical & network securityincluded$0/mo
...and there's quite a bit more!included$0/mo

Revenue Streams Count Charge Revenue

desktop website     6$100 $600
mobile website     2$50 $100
email newsletters     6$50 $300
desktop website     12$35 $420
mobile website     0$0 $0
email newsletters (3)     9$10 $90
Sponsorships2 $100 $200
Classifeds200 $1 $200
Display ads100 $1 $100
Photo sales5 $10 $50
Paywall50 $1 $50

Subtotal: $2,110/mo
Earnings: $1,915/mo
And the News!App ROI details (first month of operation):
Software & features Solution from 1up! Cost

AppNews!App 6.0$140/mo
Set-up$500 1x
Ad banner engineincluded$0/mo
Attach partner sitesincluded$0/mo
Logo managementincluded$0/mo
Feedback managementincluded$0/mo
New content indicatorsincluded$0/mo
Upcoming, new features...like classifieds & calenders included$0/mo

Revenue Streams Count Charge Revenue

Ad banners 6 $150 $900

Earnings: $260 (1st mo.)
$760/mo (2nd +)

The bottom line
The details we've provided above are just a beginning. It will be easy for you to use them as a starting point.

Being a predictable cost and having so much value, the 1up! News!Site is a great platform to both grow your readership and profits.

And, We have sales teams to send to your market! Yes, they earn a commission on their sales, but as this is all new money it ends up all being gravy! Plus, they will train your staff to do online sales, so that you have your own expert sales team to continue to build your revenues.

News!Site desktop website$1,915/mo
News!App mobile application5$760/mo

Online Earnings:$2,675/mo (from 2nd mo.)

With profitability in sight, drop Eric Hillis a note to get things started!

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1-Ecommerce does have transactional fees applied. Ask for details.
2-Bandwidth may be throttled on individual websites should a website's traffic degrade overall network performance
3-Unlimited uploads per specification of the modules and content types approved by the license
4-Basic email is a limited package. Please ask for additional options offered with 1up!'s other email products.
5-Look at the start up fee for the News!App to have the full picture of how its launch affects revenues


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