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Building Your Site

The purpose of this form is to help gather and submit all the materials required to build your site as quickly as possible. 

If you're upgrading from an earlier version of the 1up! News!Site, it helps us all compare notes and cover bases to ensure the site is all that everyone expects.

1up! wants to quickly build your site to help you maximize your monetization efforts. Time and money are always tight. 1up! has provided a set number of hours at no cost to bring together your site, so it is best to get moving quickly.

A site launch can take six to eight weeks. 

For the short-term 1up! needs one mockup to develop your launch site. After the submission of your launch mockup, then you should start thinking about the long-term management of your site. Save all additional ideas for later implementation.

Any items which come after the submission of your launch mockup &ndash if you need new items be worked into the launch/development schedule &ndash will reset the launch clock to day one. 

This may be a problem if you have announced the launch time and have started marketing the site. It may also be a problem having to pull you out of the schedule and place you back in the queue with the new items, the completion time will probably be extended.

By using this form you are agreeing that items submitted later will be saved for post launch (one to three months after the launch of your site).



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